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Top 5 Moisturizers for Oily Skin (2020)

Invest in Your Skin, it’s going to represent You For the Rest of Your Life! Forest Essentials Pure Aloe Vera Light Hydrating Gel – If you hated the texture of typical moisturizers while growing up because it was so heavy, this product is perfect for you. The aloe soothes and heals the skin.  It leaves …

Eyebrows Makeup Makeup Tools

Essential Products for Natural to Dramatic Brows

Eyebrows are a prominent feature of our face. It is also challenging to enhance through makeup. But, perfect brows can be created using the right products and technique, as brows differ according to their density, shape and colour. Primary Brow Tools: Brow Pencil – these are essential in brow makeup and are used for filling, …

Essential Makeup Tools for Beginners
Makeup Makeup for Beginners Makeup Tools

10 Essential Makeup Tools for Beginners

Makeup Brushes – they are considered as one of the basic tools of makeup. There are several types of makeup brushes available depending upon their usage. Namely, a concealer brush, a foundation brush, an eye shadow brush, a blending brush, etc. 2. Beauty Blenders – these are made of Aqua activated foam to give it …