Foundation Makeup Makeup for Beginners

5 Reasons Why Your Foundation Looks Cakey!

  1. You haven’t prepped your face – maybe you are running late and you have skipped applying a moisturizer or primer. Prepping the face prior to makeup application is imperative. Make sure you always prep your face with a moisturizer and primer that suits your skin type. Some good primers you can pick are:
  2. Your foundation formula does not suit your skin type – let’s assume you have dry skin and are using a matte formula, this can make your face look excessively dry and patchy. Just as you would sprinkle oregano on a pizza and not sugar!
  3. You are using the wrong tool for foundation application  – it can be a brush, a wedge-shaped sponge or a beauty blender or may even be your fingers if the tool you are using doesn’t suit your product type and then the application needs to change. Choosing a tool that suits you is as important as choosing to serve soup in a bowl instead of a plate. Foundation Buffing Brush: Beauty Blender:
  4. The colour of your foundation does not match your skin colour – the foundation shade is incorrect and does not match your actual skin colour, always do a swatch test near your jaw. Because you do not want to look like a swatch card yourself!
  5. You have applied excessive setting powder – post foundation application you have used extreme amounts of setting powder which can make your skin appear patchy and face cakey. It can make your appearance that of a return from the flour factory.
In all fairness, let’s make sure we keep these 5 points in mind and never look ballistically cakey or discolored!

Author: Heer Nayyar -Makeup Trainer and Artist, Hairstylist & Skin Therapist

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